ABCS: Import data from CSV

In this use case, I do not let the user fill the data for the application through data entry forms, but rather I use the data that is available for the OGh Tech Experience 2017, this data is in a csv file that I want to upload to display the tracks within the application.

When opening the hamburger menu on the top left, you can leave the Page Designer and go to other parts of ABCS, in this case I am going to use the Data Designer to fill the previously created Business Object.

Selecting the Data Designer, gives you a couple of options, here you can create Business Objects, as I have done previously using the Page Designer, you can connect to REST Services (more on that later in this serie) or you can use the Data Manager for exploring, importing or exporting data.
When going in to the Data Manager, there is an option to import to import data from file.

A pretty straight forward UI, that brings up an popup so you can select a file that contains the data you want to import.

You can accomplish the same thing, by going to the Business Object itself instead of through the Data Manager and select to import data from a file.

You can browse your local files and select the file you want to use to fill the Business Object.

The next step in the wizard will give you the option to either append the existing data or to replace all the current data within the Business Object.

Clicking the import button will give you feedback about possible errors or warnings that occurred that you might want to fix.

When all the data is correct and you are satisfied with the result, you will see the data being displayed in the Business Object layout. Below the results for the import of the tracks.csv into the Tracks Business Object.

Now that the underlaying data has been supplied, returning to the Tracks page will show the data we have just imported into the Business Object.

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