ABCS: Maintain Security & Anonymous Access

Since the application of the tech17 is now live here (disclaimer: for the official information about the OGh Tech17, go to, it is time to adjust the security settings. By default when trying to access the application you need to login to the Oracle Cloud to be able to access the application.
To give public access, I will create an anonymous role and add certain pages to the anonymous role, after that they should be visible without the need to login first.

In the main menu, I go to the security settings.

On the left hand side in the Access panel, I can select to allow anonymous access. This means there will be a role created for the anonymous-users.

After ticking the checkbox, you will see an extra role appear in the Roles section of the page. There is now an Anonymous User role.

Under the Roles sections, you see the Pages section, here you can map the pages to certain roles. I make the Home and Tracks pages accessible for anonymous users, but the other pages in the menu are not.

Now that we have adjusted the security settings, you can actually see the result of this action already in the Page Designer.

In the top menu on the right there is an icon that looks like a person. When you hover over it, it says 'Who am I?'.

Here you can change the role that you have while making more adjustments to your page. If you click the icon, you will get a screen where you can select the various roles. In my case I choose the newly created role anonymous.

This results in the Page Designer acting accordingly and only displaying the Home and Tracks menu items for this role.

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