ADF EMG XML Data Control version 1.0.0

Today at Oracle Open World, we (Wilfred and myself) officially announced the 1.0.0 version of the ADF EMG XML Data Control. Check out the presentation on slideshare if you missed it.

You can get this extension through the JDeveloper Help -> Check for Updates menu. Make sure you select the 'Open Source and Partner Extensions' checkbox:

There you should see the 'ADF EMG Data Control' extension:

A brief description for those who were not at our OOW Sunday Session:
The XML Data Control is an ADF Data Control that is used by developers to create data bindings in ADF Faces pages, just like the ADF BC Data Control and the POJO Data Control. The data exposed through this data control can be any XML source – from a BPM Human Task, from a SOAP or REST WebService, from a static XML document or a custom Java Class that produces an XML document from anywhere.

Read more on this project on our public wiki.

If you’re interested in following or contributing to this open source project, make sure you bookmark the following links:

The ADF EMG XML Data Control Extension is available for both JDeveloper 11gR1 and JDeverloper 12c.

ADF EMG Audit Rules moved to Atlassian

For those contributing and using the ADF EMG Audit Rules extension, this is now moved to the Atlassian Suite. Here we have better integration and more modern tools than on
Big thanks to Wilfred for helping me out with the conversion.

Make sure to save/bookmark the following links:
- Bitbucket
- Confluence / wiki
- Jira
- Bamboo

The old svn repository on is deleted and you can now use git to connect to the repository on bitbucket. If you’re new to git I advise SourceTree from Atlassian as tool.

ADF EMG Audit Rules available on JDeveloper 12.1.3

I got a few questions from people why the ADF EMG Audit Rules are not available in JDeveloper 12.1.3. So there has been a new release of the ADF EMG Audit Rules. No new functionality is implemented this time, but the extension is now available for JDeveloper 12.1.3.

If you go to Help -> Check for Updates, tick the Open source and Partner Extensions checkbox and press Next: 

Select the ADF EMG Audit Rules and click Next:

The extension ADF EMG Audit Rules should be installed correctly, click finish and restart JDeveloper 12.1.3:

Now if you go to your Tools -> Preferences, there is a button ‘Manage Profles’ on top of the Audit tab, you will find your profiles under that submenu. Press the button to open the Profiles menu:

Within the Audit Profile, you should see the ADF EMG Audit Rules appear: