ABCS: Create a lookup

When using reference data, a lot of times you want to use a list of values or a data lookup to specify what values can be selected. Within ABCS you can create lookups to fill in this requirement. When creating a new data field, for example when creating a Business Object under a table as we did in my previous blog entry, you can select the data type to be a reference.

For my application I want the Ace Level to be a lookup value, specified by me, including an image, so I know for sure that all the data in this column is correct. When creating the field for the Business Object, as data type I selected reference.

The wizard will display the options to choose an existing lookup or create a new one, I create a new lookup with the name 'AceLevel' and say that I want to define the lookup values. This opens a new screen to add the Lookup Values.

I add the values that are correct display values for the AceLevel field, Ace Associate, Oracle Ace & Ace Director. I also want this value to include a small image, displaying the correct Ace symbol corresponding to the level.

Clicking the plus '+'  sign behind the value brings up a new screen, in here you can browse your computer and select an image.

The image will be uploaded to the application and you can select it as part of the lookup value. I repeated this steps for all the lookup values.

This results in a value lookup for the AceLevel, including their icons:

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