ABCS: The First Adjustments

Now that you are ready to go, let's make a few simple adjustments to the application. We want to brand the app with a logo & title and we will set up the home page, which will basically be the disclaimer of this not being the official OGh Tech Experience website.

When in your application, make sure you are in edit mode and check out the header. You will see it says 'COMPANY.LOGO' where we can have a nice image:

We are going to replace this with a logo of the Dutch User Group on the top left. When you click on the text you will see the property panel on the right appear. In here you can click on 'Upload an image', select an image and you will see it appear both on the right hand side as well as in the design.

After that, we also name the application with a better name as we did in the getting started wizard. I put the full length name 'OGh Tech Experience 2017' in the field Application Title, which will be displayed next to the logo.

Now we are going to add some the text on the Home page to show the visitors this site is a demo site promoting the OGh Tech Experience, but it is not the official site.

It is as simple as to drag & drop an paragraph component from the left hand side menu, select the Lorem Ipsum text and change this in the right hand side menu.

In just a few steps we have edit the text on the home page, branded it with our company logo and changed the name of the application. It is just a start of showing how easy it is to build an application in ABCS.

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