Auto Search in the Enterprise Manager through bookmarks

Since 12c when debugging or looking at flow instances in the Enterprise Manager, we have to use the search button to make the flow instances appear. By default the following text is being displayed: 'Conduct a search to display the list of message flows across SOA composites in the SOA Infrastructure'.

When you open the search bar on the right pane and click search, the instances of the last 24 hours are being displayed:

However, there is also a shortcut on this same search pane to 'Generate a bookmarkable link':

If you press this button, a pop-up will be displayed and the generated link will be selected:

Looking at the link, you can see that it holds URL parameters to open the flowInstancesTab and execute the search query. If you copy this link, and paste it in your browser, you will see that it opens the corresponding tab, and start fetching the data:

This means that if you bookmark the URL, from now on you are only one click away from going into the Enterprise Manager, navigating into the flowInstances tab and query the search results:

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