OOW15: Cloud Bingo!

Even more than the previous years combined, this Open World was about the Cloud! The cloud is inevitable, so it seems. During my stay at Open World, I tried to find out more about the different cloud products, including their official acronyms.
To help my future self, but maybe some other people along the way, I created an overview of the clouds I met. This sure is not a full and completed list, but the once that I came across during my stay at OOW15.

ABCS : Application Builder Cloud Service
A visual development environment to create and host business applications.

CCS : Compute Cloud Service
A virtual compute environment, to run your applications on the public cloud.

DbCS : Database Cloud Service
Manage your database in the Oracle Cloud!

DCS : Document Cloud Service
Content collaborations by an Enterprise File synchonization and sharing tool in the cloud.

DevCS : Developer Cloud Service
Your automated development platform & tools in the cloud for the development lifecycle.

DVCS : Data Visualization Cloud Service
Visual analysis and self-service discovery, raw data to visual insights.

ICS : Integration Cloud Service
The platform to integrate your SaaS and on-prem applications.

IdCS : Identity Cloud Service
Manage your identities in the cloud.

IoTCS : Internet of Things Cloud Service
Connect and virtualize any device, real time predictive analytics.

JCS : Java Cloud Service
Deploy any Java application to the cloud !

MCS : Mobile Cloud Service
Easy and secure solution for mobile app development and integration with the back end.

PCS : Process Cloud Service
Design, automate and manage your business processes in the cloud.

SCS : Sites Cloud Service
Digital engagement by building rich community and marketing sites.

SNC: Social Network Cloud
A secure enterprise social network, integrates with PCS & DCS.

SoaCS : Soa Suite Cloud Service
Quickly provision a new SOA platform in the cloud, the SoaCS provides you the same power as the on-prem SOA Suite.

For all clouds and information on them, visit the Oracle Cloud site.

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