Combine WC Portal Assets in one Workspace

Working with WebCenter Portal 12c, you can develop your (Shared) Assets within JDeveloper. After installing the WebCenter updates, you can create an WebCenter Portal Asset Application: 

Choose a more generic application name, in my case RichardWcpAssets:

Now in step two I already know I am going to create a Page Template Asset, so I name the Project RichardPageTemplate and accept the default Project Features:

Accept the default package and location in step three and move on to step 4. In here we actually select the Page Template as Asset Type and choose a Display Name, I decided on RichardPageTemplate again and select finish:

Let JDeveloper generate the files for you, now, next to a Page Template, we would also like to define a Skin for our Portal. However, the WebCenter Portal Asset is an Application, so we have to create a totally new Application, just as we did with the Page Template. We do not care about the application name, so you can just let it be a default, like Application2 in my case:

In step 2 we know that this time we want to create a skin, so I named the project RichardSkin and select next:

Leave the defaults again in step 3 and move on to step 4, here we select Skin as Asset Type and change the Display Name to RichardSkin as well and click Finish:

Now, we have two different Application, but the good thing is all we are really interested in is inside the project structure. So we close JDeveloper and we navigate to the location of the applications on our file system. We can take the RichardSkin project folder and move it into the RichardWcpAssets application folder:

After this there is no use for the temporary Application2 anymore, so we can delete this. Now restart JDeveloper and navigate back to the initial Application, in my case ‘RichardPageTemplate’. Open the application menu and choose Open Project:

Navigate to the Skin project you just moved to the Asset application, select the .jpr file and open it:

Save your changes and you can now edit both your Page Template and your Skin from within the same JDeveloper Application.

Read more about Assets development in the following resources:

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