Jarvis Pizzeria: Getting started with Dynamic Processes

Getting started with the new integration cloud, the cloud that brings ICS, VBCS and PCS together. This also includes the introduction of dynamic processes, Oracle's new approach for adaptive case management. This introductory blog consists mainly of an overview of the different parts of dynamic processes. In addition, some differences between PCS and the Integration Cloud are discussed.

First step: import the Jarvis Pizza Preparation application. The location of this menu option is changed but the functionality is not. So we do this in two quick steps.

Next, select the exp file, and we’re done.

Also the ‘Deployment’ of the application has change a bit. Instead of a 'Deploy' button we now have an 'Activate' button.

The activation steps are all the same as it was for deployment. Now we are going to extend the application with a Dynamic Process. Select Create. This will display the create menu, containing two options, including the ‘New Dynamic Process’ options. Select this option.

Specify a name for it

Now we come into a complete new part of the Integration Cloud to create the ‘Dynamic Process’

Since the functionality is new to us, lets first find out how it works by creating a sample. Select ‘Create sample’. A screen appears to specify stages, activities and milestones.

The example already contains two stages, a human activity and a milestone. The sample applications automatically start a tour that gives several hints to create your one Dynamic Process. The first one is shown in the above image. The other 13 tour steps are shown below.

Now that we have completed the tour and we have gained insight into the intentions of all the different components, we can implement our Jarvis Pizzeria variant of a Dynamic Process. We will do this in our next post.

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