OOW16: What is new in ADF

It was not hard to find the ADF sessions this year at Open World, mainly because there was really only one session. Shay his session about new features in JDeveloper & ADF. It was worth seeing who would show up in the room and to be honest, it was quite crowded for an ADF session. 

JDeveloper came out in June 2016, however, this new JDeveloper is only a Patch Set, so mainly bug fixes and not much news compared to last year. Last year I already wrote a blog entry about the JDeveloper

ADF Business Components Triggers
These are simple hook points, in both the Entity Object level as wel as the View Object level, just like we know from the database. You can for example create a BeforeDelete trigger or an AfterInsert. 

You can write this in groovy, JDeveloper even has syntax support for that now and will also do a type check on the groovy code.

ADF Remote Regions
The ADF Remote Regions were already in JDeveloper as well, however, you might have done a small Proof of Concept and came to the conclusion not to use this. Well, the latest patch set included a lot of bug fixes on the remote regions, so if you ever had a good usecase for this it might be worth reconsidering. 

New DVTs
There are again some new Data Visualisation Tools as well:

Next Release
There was a little bird saying something about, however, I could not find anything official on this, so we have to sit tight wether we will get an other PatchSet or a release. 


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