OOW16: Oracle JET

Since last year at Open World, the Oracle JET team has been quite busy and it has been for the better. There has been quite some development, some great blogs and even a free online course (MOOC). A quick update of the cool features I have seen.

First of, lets start easy, you can see how your layout looks on different devices. No rocket science and not something shockingly new, but pretty cool they now support this.

When in the Cookbook, you can select the device on the top right, and you will see the preview directly in your browser.

Next to that, they have redone the Cookbooks, so the page looks new and refreshing, but that is not all, there is a new section 'Composite Component', in Cookbooks you can find it under Framework:

In here they introduce the concept of CCA: Composite Component Architecture. The concept of writing reusable pieces of UI, that can be embedded as an HTML element. This might sound familiar, this is something HTML5 and web components try to achieve as well.
The good news is that JET can now create HTML5 web components and even better, Oracle will put effort in making all current available JET components into HTML5 Web Components.

JB has created a cool example of how that can work. If you go to the advanced tab of the Composite Component page, you will see a memory game, like this:

You can find all the code to create this component on this page, however you can also consume it as a web component. JB explains this on his github account as well, you can see how the development effort will go down, mixing different JET components. After installing, when consuming the web component for the memory game, this is all the HTML code needed to embed on your webpage:

- The Oracle JET page
- Web Components
- JB’s github
- CCA : Composite Component Architecture
- Memory Game Page

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