Web.xml parameter Default Dimensions

In a previous post, I explained how you can use the property 'autoHeightRows' to stretch a table. This is mainly useful in JDeveloper 11g, because in JDeveloper12c the stretching of tables is a lot better.

The main reason for this is that JDeveloper 12c sets the context-parameter Default Dimensions to 'auto' in the web.xml file:

The default value of this property (if not set) is not 'auto' but 'legacy', so if the web.xml parameter is not set, the stretching is not optimized. Resulting in a table which can look like this:

Recently, I discovered this property is already available in JDeverloper 11g PS6 ( as well, but not set. Resulting in the default behavior displayed above. However, if you add the context parameter to the web.xml, the table stretching behavior in JDeveloper 11g will be more optimized as well:

Oracle FMW Web User Interface Developer's Guide for ADF, Chapter A.2.3.25 Geometry Management for Layout and Table Components

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