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When you are collaborating in VBCS, Visual Builder Cloud Service, it can be tricky when you work together on one identitydomain. For example, Daphne created an application for us to demo on OOW17. She is doing the first part of the demo and was testing our demo script. Now that she is done, I can take over and prepare the second part of the demo script.

However, where is the application? I only see my own application.   

Well, the thing is, the default filter is showing only your own applications. The filter can be opened by clicking the filter icon with the number, in this case three, next to it. It will open the filter on the left hand side.

To see all the applications, I unchecked the ‘My applications’ checkbox.

Which results in more extended overview of applications, I suddenly see the Test 1.0 and the Tech 17 1.0 application as well.

Now, after adjusting the filter, I can start working on my part of the demo script.

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