JDeveloper Shortcut Keys: Go To File

I have been noticing that a lot of developers are either struggling with finding files in JDeveloper or taking a long time to open all the packages and browsing to the files. However, JDeveloper has a lot of shortcut keys that come in handy.

First of, a shortcut key to 'Go To Java Type', I think most developers know this one. It is the 'ctrl' + '-' on windows or '⌘' + 'J' on mac, you will get this window:

However, did you also know the search is CamelCaseSensitive? It is a very neat trick, imagine you have connected your ADF sources and want to look up the PageFlowScopeMap in the 'org.apache.myfaces.trinidadinternal.context' package.
You can open the 'Go to Java Type' screen and start typing page, but a lot of java classes will come up:

As said the search box understands CamelCase, so if you instead start typing the fist capital of each CamelCase word, in this case 'PFSM' (PageFlowScopeMap) JDeveloper will understand:

How cool is that?

Now this is not where it ends, instead of only searching for Java Types, you can search over all your files in JDeveloper, using the shortcut key: 'ctrl' + 'alt' + '-' on windows or '' + '' + '-' on mac. The following window will popup:

In here you can search for any file, but again you can also search CamelCase, for example, in case I want to search my file:

Now, in both windows you can also use wildcards (*), however the CamelCase will not work in combination with a wild card anymore.

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