Microsites: Add a Map Component and Publish your Microsite

When continuing to adding components to the website, I added a Map component. Open your component palette in the Sites Cloud and drag and drop the map component to your site.

To make sure the maps shows the right place, we need to add the location. The easiest way to do this is to go to google maps, click on the location you want to display in your map and copy that location.

Once copied, you can enter this in the Map settings, adjust the zoom as you wish and select the other options. For example, I want to show a Display Marker, so I tick that checkbox.

Save your modifications, this will bring you back to the Sites Overview page. Now you can select to change the status of the site from Offline to Online. If you do this, you will get a warning poup that the site will be publicly available.

After this, you should see the site status being changed to Online and the url of your website is visible.

If you click the URL, it will bring you to the website.

Nothing too fancy yet, but you can see how you can work with different components to build your website based on the Documents you have added.

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