OOW15: The Oracle Private Cloud

One of the big announcements this year was the Oracle Private Cloud, basicly, the Cloud will come to your on premise data center! Oracle provides the exact same service for the Private Cloud as they do for the Public Cloud. The given timeframe on the Private Cloud is early next calendar year.

The interesting thing here is that Inderjeet mentioned in his presentation that the Private Cloud will have the same pricing module as the Public Cloud, this includes the hardware. The Private Cloud is a new type of rack, it is similar to the ExaLogic and build by the ExaLogic group, but it is not an ExaLogic. Most likely Oracle will synchronize the release cycle between the Public and the Private Cloud, this means you will get all the same features at the same time as you would in the Public Cloud.

For now the Private Cloud only hosts JCS & ICS, but PCS & SoaCS will be add in the next release cycle:

Oracle gives you a full support, including patching and a platinum service is included. You can schedule the patches that create or need down time. You can have on premise cloud administrators who use the Enterprise Manager or oracle compute command line interface (CLI) to administrate the infrastructure:

Backup needs to be done by the cloud administrators, if you want full disaster recovery (DR) you will need to either have two cloud machines in different data centers or back up to and other (on prem) data center.

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