OOW15: Oracle Open World 2015

Just before Oracle Open World 2015, the launch of the new 12c (12.2.1) release went public. This release was a full release of the whole stack. From WebLogic Server to Business Intelligence, including product that were not on 12.1.3 yet, like WebCenter. A bit closer to Open World than expected, but this was good news, meaning we can talk freely about 12.2.1 and get all the information on it that we want.

Next to the 12.2.1 release, this Open World was about the Cloud, maybe even more than the previous years combined. The Cloud is inevitable and so is the Oracle Cloud, this year, personally I got more positive about the Cloud. A few years ago I was still skeptic, thought this was just a new hype, last year the Cloud still mostly seemed to exist on PowerPoint, but as we speak there are actually quiet some Cloud products live and ready to use.
I do think Oracle oversells the whole story that the Business user will drag and drop and create their own applications, but who knows, they might prove us wrong there as well. None the less, even if it is not for the actual business users, these products can make the lives of the programmers a lot easier as well.
A big announcement that I do want to mention again, is the Private Cloud, I think this is a huge announcement that can change the Cloud plan for a lot of companies. Here in Europe there are a lot of confusing laws and restrictions, that are different per country concerning data and the cloud. As well as there are institution who closely check what is happening with civilian data. Read more about the Private Cloud on my detailed blog post about this.
Next to that I have blogged about Application Builder Cloud Service, the SOA Suite Cloud Service, and a combined blog about microsites with the help of Sites Cloud Service & Document Cloud Service.

One of the "can't miss events" on Open World are always the keynotes, especially those from Larry. If you want to look back at the keynotes, you can find them all on the Open World page. The two quotes from Larry that stuck the most to me were these:
  • ‘Applications shouldn't only be easy to use, but also easy to learn’
  • ‘Security should always be on’
By these principles, Oracle designs there Cloud products as well. They should be easy to learn and easy to use. The line of business user should be able to use the products, not just the IT department, according to Oracle.
Larry explained how a lot of there Oracle products are shipped with good security options, but they are default turned off and you have to turn them on yourself manually. Not in the Cloud, in the Oracle Clouds, security is always on.

Next to the cloud, as a developer I focused on three area's this Open World, you can check out my related findings in the more in depth blogs about: WebCenter Portal, new features in ADF 12.2.1 and Oracle JET.

For an overview of all my Open World 2015 blogs, check this page.

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