This spells out the Oracle Developer Community Asia-Pacific ACE Director Tour 2017, thankfully we can put a lot of abbreviations in there, because that is a long name. So I went on the ODC APAC ACED Tour 2017, altho I only did one third of it, I visited both New Zealand and Australia. Being in the great company of Debra Lilley, we travelled to Wellington, Auckland & Sydney, to spread the word about the great SaaS & PaaS products Oracle has to offer and to enlighten these community events with our appearance.

Big thanks to the NZOUG for having us in Wellington & Auckland as well as a thanks to the IAOUG for having us in Sydney and the Ace Program for their support! I did a total of 7 presentation, on the topics of ADF, VBCS & PCS, a good mix for a good spread of content among our attendees.

Instrumenting, Analysing & Tuning an ADF Application, this session was basically all about gaining insight into what is going on in your ADF application. How can you monitor the application and pinpoint your top Performance problems. What are key areas of ADF to have a look at and what are generic tips & tricks to improve the overall performance of your ADF application.

Build your Hybrid application with VBCS, an introduction to VBCS from a developer's point of view. This sessions shows you the insights of VBCS. What is the power and how can you use this Rapid Development Tool to your advantage. Within 45 minutes a application is created for both Web & Mobile use, a data model is created, an overview page that calls an REST api and data is being loaded into the application. After these session, the application is live, up & running in production!

Implement your business process within PCS, a Jarvis Pizzeria use case that takes you through the Process Cloud. Within this session an introductory overview of PCS is given where the attendee is provided with the Jarvis Pizzeria use case and shown how easy it is to create your business process in the Oracle PaaS product PCS. Integrations, Decision models, Human Tasks, the Workspace, tasklist & many more features are discusses and explained within this presentation.

So my trip ends in Sydney after one week, three conferences in three different cities and seven presentations. This leaves Debra behind, since she will continue the tour in Australia. I wish you all the best and thank for the incredible week we spent together! See you soon back in Europe :)

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