Jarvis Pizzeria: Notification Task in PCS

So far we have covered most standard components of the PCS suite. However, we haven’t looked at the “Notification Task” in-depth yet. We have used the on-premises variant at various projects but it was the hassle of setting up the User Messaging Service (UMS) that made you reluctant to use this feature on beforehand. Will the PCS variant be a gamechanger? Let’s find out!
We implemented a basic process with a standard notification task and configured it to send an email to The implementation details are shown below:

We deployed the process and sent a SOAP message to the corresponding endpoint. Looking at our instance in the workspace we see the following successful instance:
Yaaay! But before we ship this version to a production environment let’s see if we have received an email…..Unfortunately the answer is no :(
Hmm, have we missed a setting? Do we have to configure something? Crawling to the settings in the Business Process Workspace we encountered the infrastructure tab. And it turns out that this is the place where we can configure the notification service.

We filled in the notification e-mail and got a verification e-mail afterwards:
Having activated our e-mail address, PCS sends us a confirmation e-mail:
So let’s run the instance once again. And there it is….a notification e-mail sent by PCS:

We’d have to say that the notification task in PCS is a very easy-to-use feature. You have a provisioned, pre-configured mail server at your disposal. This will save you time and hassle with setting up the UMS settings - which is a tedious and technical chore - in the Oracle EM as you were used to in the on-premises variant.  Developers might choose for a custom built e-mail service to send notifications for business purposes. However, for administrator notifications it can be a very powerful and handy feature that should deserve a consideration in your next PCS implementation!

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