Microsites: Start building your site in the Cloud!

So after requesting the services, and installing the synchronization client, you can start building your site. When setting up the synchronization client I added some documents about my house, pictures, descriptions, maps, stuff like that.

Now with the help of Sites I will use the files that are synchronized to the Documents Cloud to start building a webpage about my house. After you login to your Cloud Services, go to the Service Console.

 Use the left side menu to switch to the Sites part of the console.

Follow the wizards that will help you set up your site. We start with creating a new site.

We do not have any themes yet, so we create a new theme as well.

I selected the Basic theme to start with.

Give your site a name and optional description.

Select edit, you will get a pop up to give your update a name and after that you will be brought to the edit modus of your

Use the Toggle in the upper right corner to switch from Preview to Edit modus, so you can start dragging and dropping components.

 I choose to delete the whole site tree, because I want to start with just one page on my website.

In the left hand menu, select the second tab to start adding components. I drag and dropped a gallery grid on the page.

Go to the settings of the gallery.

Click the images button to add your images to the gallery.

Now the file picker will open and you can select files that you have previously synchronized to your Documents Cloud folder.

After adding the images, I also drag and dropped a document as a component on the page.

Once again, use the file picker to select a document to display under the pictures.

You will now see the images on top of the site, with the document shown below.

This website is not very fancy, but it gives you an idea of how you can start building your website using the component palette and the integration between Documents & Sites Cloud.

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