Microsites: Interact with DCS using the ipad app

You can use the Oracle Documents ipad app to interact with the Documents Cloud Service. Go to the app store and search for ‘Oracle Documents’, you will find the Oracle Douments application, get and install the app to your ipad.

The app would like to send you notifications, after that you will also have to accept the License Agreement.

When the app starts up, you will get a quick tutorial to tell you the basics or you can skip this.

In the sign in screen, you have to enter your e-mail address and password again. You will also need the Server URL, just like you did when installing the synchronization client.

After signing in, you are in the app and you can browse your documents.

By default the app does not have the security code on. It is wise to put this on, for this go to the settings page.

Click on the passcode lock and enter a passcode and select to unlock through TouchID if your device supports this.

That is all it takes to set up the app. You can now start using the Documents Cloud from your ipad.

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