Switch the Audit Level to Development mode

With JDeveloper 12c it is now possible to run your SOA Suite against the Integrated WLS. However, by default the Audit Level of this server is Production mode which means you do not get to see details when looking at the flow trace of your service.
If you do not change your running mode, the flow trace window will look like this:

We will switch the Audit Level of your local SOA domain to Development mode, to get more info in the flow trace. Right click on your soa-infra, go to the SOA Administration and select the Common Properties:

Change the Audit Level to Development and click Apply:

You do not need to restart your server after this. However, you do need to test your service again. Test your service and again go to the flow trace, the result should now look like this:

You can now press the ‘View Payload’ to see the payload of your transformation:

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