Run ADF & SOA on the IntegratedWLS in separated domains

In JDeveloper 12c, it is possible to run SOA Suite on the InternalWLS, which is a great feature. However, once you have done this, your domain will be filled with SOA extensions. Meaning the server start up time will increase drastically.
When you do both ADF & SOA development, this can be annoying when you just want to run your ADF application and the IntegratedWLS is busy starting up the SOA domain. One way to avoid this is to run two different JDeveloper instances with two different Jdev Homes configure.
In this blog I will describe you how to set this up.

First of all, I got my ‘normal’ JDeveloper for ADF development, this is installed on my C drive, under: C:\oracle\JDev1213, if you navigating to the Oracle_Home\jdeveloper\jdev\bin folder and open the jdev.boot file, you will see the variable ‘ide.user.dir.var’:

Now I recently installed a second JDeveloper 12c in a different directory, this JDeveloper is installed with the SOA extensions, I installed this on the C drive as well, but in the folder C:\oracle\JDevHomeSOA. Within this JDeveloper folder, there is also a jdev.boot file under the folder ‘\jdeveloper\jdev\bin’, however, I changed the ‘ide.user.dir.var’ to a specific _SOA variable:

Now all that is left to do is to create two new Environment Variables, pointing to different JDevHome directories:

This will create two different domains for each JDeveloper, keeping your environment clean and tidy!

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