Clear ADF 12c deployment on Integrated WLS

Sometimes you want to cancel your Integrated WebLogic Server, however, if you do this while a deployment is currently going on, you might run into trouble. The log window will not tell you anymore than a remote deployment failed and that the Application can not be run:

You need to clear some directories in your JDevHome before the application deployment works again. Before clearing the directories, make sure you close JDeveloper.

Go to the folder: JDevHome\system<versionnumber>\o.j2ee\drs
In here you should see your application that you try to deploy you can delete that folder or you can delete all the folders in this directory. They will be recreated for you when you run the specific application.

Next, go to the folder: JDevHome\system<versionnumber>\DefaultDomain\servers\DefaultServer
In here you should delete the ‘tmp’ folder.

After you deleted the folders, restart JDeveloper and run the application again.
You should now be able to deploy your application again to the Integrated WebLogic Server.

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