Exclude folders from you subversion update

Working in an IT project, means working with version control. A lot of times, this means subversion in combination with Tortoise SVN. In bigger projects it sometimes happens there are folders in the tree structure that you are not really interested in. 
It is a good things, that you can exclude this folders from your update, so you don’t get distracted by de commits done on folders you don’t care about. 

When you check out a new repository it is possible to press the button ‘Choose items’:

This will give you a popup from the Repository Browser and you can tick on and off the folders that you want:

This is a great feature. However, once you select this, it can be hard to find back this option. As the world around us changes, you might want to see updates in a folder you excluded or you want to exclude even more folders.
When you go to your Tortoise SVN menu, select the option ‘Update to revision’:

This will open the Update menu and here you see again the option ‘Choose items’:

Clicking this button, brings you to the same Repository Browser view:

So whenever in the need of changing your previous selection, you can tick and untick your previous choices.

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