New release of the ADF EMG Audit Rules

There is a new release of the ADF EMG Audit Rules extension. With this release there is now support for both JDeveloper11R1 and JDeveloper12c. However, remember that JDeverlop11g does not support the suppression of violations, so this may lead to a lot of violation on existing projects.
Remember that you can define a custom profile in the Audit tab under preferences to unselect certain rules, but off course it is better to look at the warnings and see if you can fix them.

In this new release we also improved the stability of the extension, but if you see unexpected behavior in JDeveloper and you suspect it comes from the ADF EMG Audit Rules extension, you can file an issue in Jira. The amount of rules went up from 18 in version 1.0 to 35 audit rules in version 2.0.

Next to Wilfred I would also like to thanks Rohan Walia for his time and commitment to this project!

If you would like to help out and get involved in this project, check out the Index page with various links to documentation, blogs and the open source project on 

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