Jarvis Pizzeria: Using the SOAP interface to start a Process

We as old-fashioned SOA/BPM Suite developers, are used to test deployed services using tools like SoapUI. In this blog post, we will show you how to start a Process in the Oracle Process Cloud from the SOAP UI interface.
On premises with SOA or BPM we used to start by obtaining the required wsdl from the Enterprise Manager.
However, for PCS there is no such thing as an Enterprise Manager, so how do we get the WSDL?
In the top right corner of the PCS Composer there is a ‘Management’ button.
After selecting this button and entering User Credentials, click the OK button to go on.
The ‘Manage Deployed Applications’ screen appears. From here it is possible to for example undeploy a deployed application. It is also possible to get the associated wsdl through the Management Console. Click the action button of the deployed application to get a list of available actions. Then select ‘Web Services’ to get the exposed wsdl.
Copy this wsdl for use in SoapUI (or any other SOAP interface supporting tool). In SoapUI there is still one tiny thing that should happen, namely authorization. You can not call a PCS process without authenticating. Authentication is possible by using the Basic Authorization in SoapUI
SoapUI fills the request message for us, so all that is left is to input some data with which we want to start the process instance. Once the instance is created they are visible on the tracking page.

That is all there is to it, once you know how to get the wsdl, it works just like you expect from a SOAP service/endpoint.

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