ABCS: Go Live with your Application

When you are done developing the first version of your application, you might want to go live with it. Within ABCS there are a couple of steps build in to publish your application to the public. Before you can do this, you first have to go through a Stage environment where you can check the functionality of your application before publishing the application.

To do this, in the main menu we you choose the option Stage:

You can decide to start with a clean database, in case you do not want development data to be taken to the stage environment.
In my case, I want the imported CSV data to be populated to the Stage environment as well, so I choose the option to populate the data.

This might take a couple of minutes, after that the menu is changed and you have 2 extra options.
You can now publish your application, meaning it will go into production, or you can run the staged version to verify everything is in order.

To verify that the staged version is good, I run the staged version and navigate through the application to verify the data on the Tracks page.

The out of the box filter is also working correctly as I can filter on the columns that are displayed in the table.

Lets go back to ABCS and publish our application through the menu.
Again you will be given the option to populate the data to production after you have verified the working in the Stage environment.
I still want the data to be published as well, so I select the include data option.

You will now see that your application is live within ABCS:

In the menu you can select to run the published version.

This brings you to your application that is now fully operational.

You can check out the application through here.

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