JDeveloper Shortcut Keys: Reformat All Files in your Project

When writing Java code, it is a good practice to reformat your code before committing it to a source control system. In JDeveloper, you can put this in your save actions, however, JDeveloper will then also reformat all your XML code, this is not always what you want, plus it is a lot slower than reformatting only the Java code.

When in your Java file, you can use the right mouse menu, or the shortcut keys to reformat the java file you are currently working on, this is 'Ctrl' + 'Alt' + 'L' on windows or '' + '' + 'L' on mac.

However, when you change something in your code style, you probably do not want to go by every file individually to reformat the code. Good thing is that JDeveloper can also reformat a whole project at once.
This is not really well documented and it is not in the right mouse window either, but when you select a project in your Application Window and press the shorcut key for reformat, JDeveloper will reformat the whole selected project for you.

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