Support for multiple session timeouts

Our use case was that we needed to support different timeouts for different application roles. This because our internal users are using the same application as our external users. There is no default support for this behavior in ADF, but you can achieve this by using a PagePhaseListener.

In our production application we used different settings, but for this example I configured the following web.xml parameters:

The session-timeout is set to 3 minutes and we want to show the default ADF warning popup 1 minute before the session expires. In case of a internal user login, the session-timeout parameter get overridden.
This is achieved by creating a PagePhaseListener:
public class PortalPhaseListener implements PagePhaseListener
  private static final int INTERNAL_TIMEOUT = 360;

  public void beforePhase(PagePhaseEvent pagePhaseEvent)
    if (pagePhaseEvent.getPhaseId() == JSFLifecycle.JSF_RESTORE_VIEW_ID)
      final ExternalContext ectx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext();
      final SecurityContext secCtx = ADFContext.getCurrent().getSecurityContext();     

      if (secCtx.isAuthenticated() && isInternalUser())
        final HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest = (HttpServletRequest) ectx.getRequest();        
I decided to do this in the restore view phase, first we check if the user is logged on and if the user has the internal role. If both are true, we set the MaxInactiveInterval on the HttpSession.
Now the timeout becomes 6 minutes, meaning that after 5 minutes the default ADF popup will show, informing the user that the session will expire if no activity is shown within the next minute.

The result is a different session timeout for different user roles, you can do this for as many roles as you like, making your timeout settings more flexible. 

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  1. Great solution, unfortunately it does not seem to work within Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces. The phase listener works, but the sessions still time out after the period configured in webcenter-config.xml